The Role of Professional Valuers in Strata Title Implementation in Brunei Darussalam

Surveyor Division
Categories: Surveyor
Author: Sr. Haji Mohd Don Bin Omar
January 26, 2019

This article was originally presented by the writer during PUJA Third National Conference on 11th November 2017

1.0 Introduction 

This article is written in an attempt to explain the role of professional valuers in implementing Strata Title according to the Brunei’s law. It has been reported that the response from the public towards the Strata Title system has not been encouraging. The writer feels that it is imperative for the professionals in the construction industry especially the valuers to be engaged and be more involved in its implementation. However the main challenge in the current economic situation is that the clients are not ready to commit what they consider as high expenses on the professional fees mainly because they cannot see the benefits when Strata Title is implemented systematically as experienced in other developed countries. 

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