Developing a Digital Culture, Capacity and Mindset

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Author: YB Ar. Siti Rozaimeriyanty DSLJ Hj Abd Rahman
February 15, 2019

 As we embark with the phenomenon of Industrial Revolution 4.0 and global digitisation, it is ideal to prepare ourselves for the advancements of the digital era. The pace of industry transformation is unprecedented.  Disrupted changes to industry sectors are already reconfiguring business models and skill sets and will do so at an accelerated pace. The time to impact trajectory of certain drivers of change will be different in each industry and is shaped by specific sector business model. Is the future pre determined? Or already determined?  What is not determined is time frame.  

Digital cultures change the way we live, work, play and socialize.  Moving forward from digital to contextual intelligence and grasping the power it represents. Developments such as machine robotics, AI, 3D printing, nano technology, genetics, bio technology and many others do not just exist on its own rights but building upon each other and amplifying one another.  Together the technological and sociology economic, geopolitical and demographic developments and the interactions between them will generate new categories of jobs, occupation and partly or wholly displacing the others. These also amplify the labor market imperfections. These developments will change the skill sets required above all the new occupations in most industries and transfer how people work leaving to new management and regulatory challenges.

In order to meet the new talent skills and challenges brought about by unexpected business model disruption, both public and private sectors need to pursue a range of innovation workforce strategies providing employees with wider exposure to roles across their firms.  Collaborating with the education sector more closely than the past, is one of the most popular measures seen. Rapid adjustment to the new reality is possible, provided concerted effort and shift of mindset by all Stakeholders are taken in place.

This remarkable occurrence is a significant change, as it involves a cultural shift. Though some may show enthusiasm with the advancements, others may feel anxious with what is to come. This is where the Whole of Nation will play an important role in order to help realise the digital transformation, because it is crucial to keep in mind that we cannot operate technology without people. We need to embrace this change in order to propel forward in the digital era. 

‘Developing a Digital Culture, Capacity and Mindset’ will give you more insights on how we should perceive the upcoming global phenomena and what can we do to utilise these changes to help our country achieve the goals of Wawasan Brunei 2035.