Stormathon 2.0

Architect Division
Categories: Architect
Author: Afifah Abdullah
July 23, 2019

3rd - 5th July, 2019 ‒ The annual Stormathon event, hosted by Arcasia, is aimed to strengthen and act as a platform for Arcasia’s Committee of Young Architects to brainstorm and share ideas regarding the architectural profession. This year’s Stormathon 2.0 was hosted by Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM) in Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with the Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival 2019.

The three-day event commenced with visits to the ongoing Archidex exhibitions as well as to the Datum Conference whereby delegates were able to attend talks delivered by international speakers, covering topics ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Ecology.

The ACYA Roundtable and Workshop were held on the third day of the event at PAM Centre, located in the heart of Bangsar. Led by ACYA Chairman, Ar. Ridha Razak, the roundtable session saw delegates presenting their country project ideas as well as the sharing of their respective country reports. The afternoon session was dedicated to the Practice Innovation Lab Workshop led by PAM member, Ar. Qhawarizmi. Delegates were split into respective zones to brainstorm potential business ideas which are aimed to further flourish the future of Architectural practice. 

The session proved that one of the most common issues faced by Young Architects is the lack of project opportunities in the constantly growing, ever-competitive field of architecture. Delegates were first prompted to conduct a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) analysis on architects before proposing business ideas that architects could venture into with their skill-set.

To end the workshop, a declaration was then signed by all delegates present in agreement to promote and support the following objectives:

  • Young architects should offer one stop solution for future design disciplines providing multiple services to its clients whilst assuring

         time, cost & quality

  • Young architects can save the planet by encouraging a sustainable, circular economy where trash is turned in to architecture

  • Young architects as agents to convert big data into sustainable smart city design solutions.

The Stormathon 2.0 event ended with a talk delivered by project architect of the PAM Centre, Heikal Hasan of HMA & Associates who enlightened those present with his environmentally responsive, energy efficient, yet poetic and inspiring design approach for the PAM Centre.