PUJA Invited to MOD Open House

Categories: Council
Author: PASB
August 24, 2019

**This article was written and posted on the website's "Current Affairs" section on June 17, 2019

As the country’s main institution for surveyors, engineers and architects, Pertubuhan Ukur, Jurutera & Arkitek (PUJA) Brunei has always shared a strong connection with the Ministry of Development (MOD). Over the years, the two parties have worked together in organising programmes and events in their pursuit of developing the nation-state construction industry. This life-long friendship was further demonstrated last week, at the MOD Open House Ceremony, which was held on Saturday, 15th June, 2019, at the Ministry of Development Headquarters in Berakas.

Among those who attended and represented PUJA at the event were the institution’s three Vice-Presidents; Sr. Nazhatulshima binti Haji Md Jamil (Chairman of the Surveyor Division), Ir. Haji Mohamad Zin bin Salleh (Chairman of the Engineer Division), Ar. Zul Amali Idris bin Dato Paduka Haji Idris (Chairman of the Architect Division); alongside PUJA’s staff and other members.