PUJA contribution to nation development

Photo Credit: unsplash.com
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Author: Ar Muhd Billy Lim Abd Aziz
January 07, 2019

PUJA- our professional institution, the private sectors and the government must continue to work closely together, thereby enabling our contribution to lead the economic growth and development of our nation. 

Our strength in our members, our unity as a professional institution and the “trust” to lead will be tested during these particular challenging times of economic down turn. 

PUJA and our members must understand today’s reality of society, emerging technology, economy impacts, and environmental issues are volatile.

As a member of PUJA, we all have our moral obligation. Hence, we must all continue to work together with a new approach to promote a more inclusive view of collaboration, financial inclusion and social protection between all different stakeholders.

Also, we must focus on systems which provide successions for leadership and allows sharing solution that benefits our current situation and the future generations.

As to the newly elected Council Members for the year 2018-2019 led by our new President YB Siti Rozaimeriyanty DSLJ Hj Abd Rahman, the PUJA Brunei has chosen a slogan “Professionalism is Amanah” which is so relevant during these changing times.

PUJA must continue to build “trust” between the public and private sectors, as well as, to create and promote new standards of accountability in the industry.

Thus, this will truly show our strength, the trust in our members and our professional institution in which the government and the society has entrusted in us.