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Author: Ar. Amiruddin bin Abdul Aziz
January 23, 2019

Professionals have been elevated to position of trust and chartered status in Brunei. Architects, Professional Engineers, and Quantity Surveyors Order 2011, Section 10 states: “No person shall draw or prepare any architectural plan, drawing, tracing, design, specification or other document intended to govern the construction, enlargement or alteration of any building or part thereof in Brunei Darussalam unless he is a registered architect who has in force a practicing certificate. And further, no person 

shall use verbally or otherwise, the word Architect or any other derivatives in connection with his business designation. Or the abbreviation “Ar” or “Arch” as a title before his name or any word , name or designation that might lead to the belief that he is a registered Architect”.

Puja Architects have seen the huge strides that the government has taken for the nation in the implementation and reinforcement of laws. Ease of doing business, stable political climate, sound infrastructure and planning.  These are in big demand by Foreign Direct Investors(FDI) and all countries are competing for a good governance. Framework of good laws are being monitored by the Word Bank. Our rank of 21st position in dealing with construction permits in the Ease of Doing Business is most commendable.

Global interdependence, integration of markets, transparency, honesty, integrity, accountability, regulatory framework, good governance, diversification of economy and private public participation. These slogans and mantras are not just a modern phenomenon but has been carried through the ages. Nothing has changed except that we are in the digital age where almost nothing can be hidden from the public eye. Our youth have inherited this digital age and they will chart the future of the nation.

Laws have been improved and continuously to be reformed including the regulatory framework for the construction industry. Professional Order and Building Control Order was in the making since independence. Professionals have led the way in all parts of the world. And now, the professionals in Brunei too are called upon to lead by example and to uphold their Code of Ethics.

The Board of Architects Professional Engineers, and Quantity Surveyors (BAPEQS) have been charged with regulating the professionals in their position of trust. The law has stipulated a clear process for disciplinary action against any professional if there is a failure in the services provided. Professionals are regulated to keep Professional Indemnity for the protection of the public. Professionals are held accountable and must meet high standards set out.

Professionals undergo a long hard struggle through formal educational and practical training process before registration. There are no short cuts in the process. No doubt, in the coming months and years PUJA Architects will play a large role in educating the younger generation to a career in Architecture.

Professional charges while seemingly exorbitant, is not so in reality. Clients are usually happy to see low fees. What they may not be aware is that unsustainable low fees can easily be camouflaged by wheeling and dealing behind the scene to stay in business. Defective building structures and finishes can turn out to be maintenance nightmares for some clients. Soundly built buildings retain their value for years. Value for money is what can be expected from professionals.

Brunei professionals are ready for the future and all its challenges. The worldwide competition for Foreign Direct Investments(FDI) is being tackled well. PUJA Architects have been upgrading their professional skills and some should now be in a position to export their skills regionally and worldwide.

Many paths and doors have opened up. Markets and development have a mind of their own and commercial opportunities and benefits will surely follow without question within the legal framework that has been clearly laid out. As the saying goes: It’s time to row together in one boat to get safely to the other side.

Note: Architects, Engineers and Quantity Surveyors Order was enacted in the year 2011.

The Board of Architects Professional Engineers and Quantity Surveyors (BAPEQS) was established at the Ministry of Development (MOD) on 13 Sept 2012 with the approval of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam. The Building Control Order was enacted in 2014 and implemented in November 2015. 


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