The entrance and subscription fees shall be as follows:

Entrance Fee
Annual Subsription
*Life Fellow Nil $150.00 per year up to age sixty (60).Thereafter. $750 once off
Honorary Fellow Nil Nil
Fellows B$200.00 B$150.00
Members B$150.00 B$120.00
Graduate B$100.00 B$100.00
Associates B$80.00 B$80.00
Student Nil Nil

A member who has his membership transferred from one category to another shall have to pay the difference between the entrance fee in respect of his existing category of membership and transferred category, if applicable. He shall also have to pay the annual subscription fee in respect of his transferred category of membership.


The registration fee, which is non-refundable is B$10.00. The Council may increase or reduce the registration fee from time to time.


Subject to any extenuating circumstances approved by the Council, any member who has not paid his fees for three (3) years or more shall be expunged from the membership. Application for reinstatement shall be made to the Council and reinstatement shall be considered at the discretion of the Council. All reinstated members shall pay all outstanding fees and, in addition, a minimum three (3) years as administration fees.