IBTE students visited Temburong Bridge

Photo Credit: IBTE
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November 04, 2019

112 students under the Institute of Brunei Technical Institution (IBTE) Nakhoda Ragam Campus’ HNTec in Construction Engineering and Design & Draughting participated in a two-day educational school trip to the Temburong Bridge Construction Project last week, on the 24th and 26th October, 2019.

Organised by the institute’s School of Building Technology and Services, the visit was aimed at giving their students an opportunity to learn more about big-scale construction projects — which in this case is the Temburong Bridge. 

Prior to the trip, a briefing was held at the Public Works Department (JKR), where the students were enlightened on the bridge’s construction details and the sustainability of its design. The session also included other aspects of the construction, including the practical and construction works, as the technology and materials used at the site, as well as the Health, Safety, Security and Environment component of the project.



IBTE students during the briefing session at the Public Works Department (JKR) prior to the visit

Apart from enabling the students to gain knowledge and information on the challenges faced in implementing big-scale projects and ways to mitigate them, the sharing session also serves as a platform for them to discuss the potential issues and solutions for emerging risks in any project. 

The briefing was then followed by a trip to the site, where the guests were able to view first-hand, the majestic bridge in its current building phase and the major works that have been done in its construction.

As a post-secondary institution that provides technical and vocational education in Brunei, IBTE has been continuously striving to provide their students with opportunities to broaden their experiences. The education field trip, therefore, serves as one of the institute's many initiatives to equip their students with insights and real experiences in paving their way towards their future professions.


The students and lecturers of IBTE during their site visit at the Temburong Bridge