PUJA holds Full-Term Annual General Meeting

Photo Credit: PASB
Categories: Current Affairs
January 20, 2020


PUJA held its Full-Term Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 18th January 2020 at Betabur Hall, Ministry of Development. The meeting concluded with the dissolution of the 2018/2019 Council - concluding its two year term and the election of new council members for 2020/2021 Council.

The meeting was attended by the Guest of Honour - Yang Berhomat Dato Seri Setia Ir. Awang Haji Suhaimi Bin Haji Gafar, Minister of Development.



The event was opened with a welcoming remark from PUJA President 2018/2019, Yang Berhormat FDr Ar Siti Rozaimeriyanty binti Dato Seri Laila Jasa Hj Abd Rahman followed by a speech by the guest of honour - Yang Berhormat the Minister of Development.

The meeting began with the discussion and approval of the minute of meeting of the last Mid-Term Annual General Meeting followed by report presentations from the three divisions within PUJA - Engineering Division, Architect Division and Surveyor Division by their respective Vice President / Chairman.

The meeting was concluded with the dissolution of the 2018/2019 Council Members and the appointment of 2020/2021 Council Members. The election saw the appointment of Ir. Hj Mohammad Zin Bin Hj Salleh as the new president of PUJA, Sr. Haji Abd Zariful Bin Mohamed as Vice President for Surveyor Division, Ir. Alice Lim as Vice President for Engineer Division and Ar. Zul'amali bin Dato Paduka Ar. Hj Idris as the Vice President for the Architect Division.

Ir. Chin Lee Tuck was appointed as the new Secretary General, Sr. Hajah Hajijah binti Haji Salleh as the Treasurer.

As for General Member, there is an additional new post which is the General Member 4 (Research). The newly elected General Member 1 (Education & Examination) is Ir. Bahrin Mohammad, Ir. Haji Mohd Yunus bin Haji Mohd Yusof as General Member 2 ( Membership and Discipline), Ir. Julian Fung as General Member 3 (Professional Practise & CPD) and Ir. Haji Rahman bin Modin as General Member 4 (Research).