Temporary Closure of Car Park in Temburong

Photo Credit: unsplash.com
Categories: General News
April 06, 2020

photo-1506521781263-d8422e82f27a.jpgPhoto by unsplash.com

Public Works Department, Ministry of Development would like to inform the public and especially the residents of Temburong District about the temporary closure of the car park in front of Kedai Rakyat Jati in Pekan Bangar. 

The temporary closure for three (3) weeks will start on Monday, 6th April 2020. This is to allow for work to be carried out on the improvement of the Pedestrian Walkway, Pekan Bangar without any interruptions. 

Therefore, the public is urged to not be in the proximity of the area stated where projects are being carried out and to abide to the road signs that have been set up along the way and to drive carefully when passing by the site to ensure the safety of all parties involved. 

For any complaints, the public is encouraged to contact the department through Talian Darussalam: 123 / livehcat +6738333123, Facebook: Jabatan Kerja Raya, Brunei Darussalam and email: [email protected]