PUJA joins MISC Construction Industry Job Marketplace

Photo Credit: PASB
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September 21, 2020

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PUJA (B) joins the first Ministry of Development Manpower Industry Steering Committee (MISC) Construction Industry Job Marketplace and ARMECS Bridging Program Interview at Dewan Betabur, Ministry of Development on 17th September 2020. 

PUJA (B) along with PUJA Academy briefed the Minister of Development about the training programme that is about to be launched in October in collaboration with Pakar Tenaga Bersatu (PTB). The training programme that is focused on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is aimed for fresh graduates in order to prepare them to join the workforce and to let them get the experience of being on site. 

The MISC for Construction was established under MPEC in an effort to develop and improve locals' employability and to ensure that all local jobseekers will acquire relevant skills and competencies in order to work in the construction industry.

Specifically in the Construction Industry, there are 11 critical job positions that have been identified to be filled by local jobseekers. The 11 job positions are: Resident Technical Officer (RTOf), Clerk of Works (CoW), Company Site Representative (CSRep), Draughtsperson, HSE Officer, Heavy Goods Vehicle's (HGV) driver, Carpenter, Scaffolder for Construction, Building Electrician, Air Conditioning Technician and Plumber / Pipe Fitter.

Through the i-Ready Apprenticeship Programme ARMECS Trainees are required to undergo a 6 months’ ARMECS Bridging Program at designated consulting firms registered with Board of Architects, Professional Engineers & Quantity Surveyors (BAPEQS). After completing their bridging program, they will then continue their apprenticeship as i-Ready Apprentices at the designated host organization within the Construction Industry.