PUJA Academy holds a seminar with Anil Changaroth

Categories: Education & CPD
September 28, 2022

Bandar Seri Begawan, 17th September 2022 – PUJA Academy Sdn Bhd (PASB) in collaboration with Changaroth International Consultancy organized a seminar at the Senate Room, Chancellor Hall Universiti Brunei Darussalam at 8.30AM titled ‘Construction Industry: A fresh look at Collaborative approach to managing projects, avoiding conflicts resolving disputes.’ The speaker for the webinar is Mr Anil Changaroth form the Changaroth International Consultancy and Hj Mansur Latif, President of the Law Society of Brunei Darussalam.

With the world rising from almost 2 years of the pandemic, there is a global infrastructure and building boom, the seminar delves into the subject on how major disruptions including with supply chain and labour are affecting construction projects. Anil will share his views on how the world has changed so much that its now critical to consider far my collaborative ways of managing projects, avoiding conflicts and resolving disputes.

Two representatives from Brunei participated in the seminar with Lenny Rahman from HLR Advocates & Solicitors as a moderator and Hj Mansur Latif, president of Law Society Brunei Darussalam to explain the law aspects from Brunei’s perspectives and on the benefits of mediation as a form of dispute resolution which all parties in the contract should first resort to before going down the litigation path.

The seminar was divided into two sessions, with the first half exploring on how ‘Considering how the world has changed, affected Supply Chain, the kind of construction disputes that could well arise’ and the second half explores on how ‘considering the changing landscape of Appropriate Conflict Avoidance & dispute Resolution & collaborative contracting.’ Both sessions were presented by Mr Anil Changaroth.

The seminar received great feedback where over 80 participants consisting of PUJA members and members of the construction industry joining the seminar.

The seminar’s topic caters well to the professional needs and provides insights into handling projects in the construction industry as well as avoiding conflicts and resolving disputes.

PUJA Academy Sdn Bhd actively offers virtual webinars and courses to improve the competencies of (PUJA) members and the Construction Industry, with its mission to ‘Promoting Awareness, Improving Knowledge and Enhancing Experience’