Politeknik Brunei discussed Five Year Development Plan

Photo Credit: Politeknik Brunei
Categories: Education & CPD
August 01, 2019

In the attempt to realise their 2015-2020 Five Year Development Plan (FYDP), Politeknik Brunei organised their annual Strategic Management Retreat last week, involving the institute’s Board of Governors (BoG) members and officers from the Ministry of Energy, Manpower and Industry (MEMI).

The event, which was conducted at Star Lodge, Jerudong, on 25 and 27 July 2019 was aimed at the continuous execution of strategies under the FYDP and the ongoing construction of a new development plan for the following five years, which had already begun since June, 2019 and is expected to take one year to complete.

In accomplishing these goals, various issues and subject matters were brought up and reviewed. Aside from the nation’s latest developments toward Vision 2035 and the Ministry of Education Strategic Plan 2018-2022, the guests and participants of the event discussed the overall progress of the institute’s 2015-2020 FYDP - highlighting the particular areas and strategies which may be of concern - as well as the recent framework for the upcoming FYDP (2021-2025).

The two-day session also served as a platform to obtain strategic planning inputs on several areas of interests (Politeknik Brunei’s Institutional Review; Review on the Institute’s Mission, Vision and Values; the Identification of Strategic Focus Areas; and Stakeholder Mapping), as well as to promote capacity building in strategic management for the participants and relevant committee members in their midst of preparing the institute’s second FYDP.

The ceremony began on the first day with a welcoming remark from the institute’s Director, Denis Ho Mun Tai, who highlighted Politeknik’s role in supporting the National Education Agenda and Vision 2035, with the arrival of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The director further elaborated on the institute’s opportunities, threats and possible strategic focus areas in mapping out its development plans.

Among those who were present were members of Politeknik Brunei’s BoG: Datin Seri Paduka Dr. Hajah Rozaimah binti Haji Mohd Salleh (Deputy Minister of Education and Chairman of BoG); Dato Seri Paduka Awang Haji Matsatejo bin Sokiaw (Deputy Minister of Energy, Manpower and Industy and Deputy Chairman of BoG); Yang Berhormat Fdr. Ar. Dayang Siti Rozaimeriyanty binti Dato Seri Laila Jasa Haji Abdul Rahman (PUJA President and BoG member); as well as Awang Haji Kula bin Haji Metassan (Senior Officer of MEMI), who attended the event as a representative of MEMI.